Welcome ‘to Rosalia’ Nursery and primary school.

St.Rosalia schools was started in the year 2013 by it’s two founders, Mr. Paul Chrispine Mfungahema and Mrs. Lill-Asela Mfungahema.

The school started with a record of 27 pupils and due to a good progress, as per for now the registration reads 370 pupils for both the primary and nursery sections. The school is fully registered as follows DS.01/7/EA.094 and DS.01/7/093. Since its start, the school has had one visionary head teacher Mr. Paul Siaga.

Additional Academic
St Rosalia we offer practical training to computer for every child from the previous level to the base. We also offer training in French for all children.

Friendly atmosphere plus Quality children care.
We do encourage our students to be responsible at a young age. This is done by educating them on how to take care of themselves as well as their belongings.

School Regulations
Day Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, children should wear school uniforms – black shoes and gray socks with blue and Wednesday is a day of sports day – child rape wear sports clothes.
A child should come with clean and safe water to drink from home. Not the juice to avoid the safety and quality differences of juice for child health (no SHARE).

After the formal establishment 01/06/2013 and registration in October 2014, the St.Rosalia school has held three graduations as from the year 2014-2016. The ceremonies included three pre-unit classes joining grade one and the first grade seven candidates as they made a step out to join secondary school last year. All the ceremonies were very successful where’s the school had chance to have prominent guest of honors.

School Life
SPORTS, our pupils are given enough time to play as this is one way of refreshing their minds as well as nurturing their talents.

DRAMA, there is a good number of pupils who are so good in drama, thus we do try to figure out those kind of pupils and give them chance to expose and build their talent.

DANCE, without forgetting our lovely school dancing group which is always an entertaining element in our school in various events including during the graduation ceremonies.

RECREATIONAL TOURS, there is always a recreational tour for the pupils set once every year. The pupils go to leisure places such as beach areas just for the sake of refreshing. There are study tours too which are always organised according to classes where as the pupils visits various places in the country for further learning.

Our Facilities
Our school has many facilities but just to mention a few.

  • The class rooms are spacious enough providing enough learning space to the learners.
  • The computer lab is well equipped enabling pupils to get knowledge on technology.
  • The first aid room is well equipped with a nurse always present to offer first aid where need arise.
  • We have a spacious dining hall big enough to host five hundred pupils at a go.
  • The school library is also well equipped with books of various kinds to enable our pupils build their language in both spoken and written through reading lots of story books.
  • We have enough school vans for comfortable transportation of our pupils to and from school.


Play Areas